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As the leading company in the United States for dental school admission and preparation services, our expert team knows exactly what it takes to turn your application into an acceptance. With nearly 10 years of proven results and students in almost every dental school across the nation, you can confidently trust in your decision to partner with the iPrepDental team to prepare for the rigorous process of becoming a dental student.

  • iPrepDental has the highest DAT course average across the nation with a Total Sciences score (TS) average of 22, and an overall DAT score average of 21.6 preparing over 600 students each year.
  • 90% of the students who have completed our DAT Course have scored within the top 10% in the nation and have become a part of iPrepDental’s the 20+ Club.
  • iPrepDental’s expert instructors have all scored a 24 or above on their DAT.
  • One-on-one support with instructors
  • 3-month access to our software with extension options
  • Availability to students nationwide
  • Expert developed study notes and lectures
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About iPrepDental’s
DAT Course

Our goal was to create an 8 - week detailed, structured online course with a daily schedule, that will monitor your progress, compare you to other students and will be effective in breaking down the hardest concepts on the DAT into their simplest form. With over 18 full-length practice tests, hundreds of quizzes and practice questions and over 50 hours of recorded lectures with detailed study notes, you will be prepared to answer all the possible topics asked on the DAT. Although the course is 8 weeks long, we provide our students with 3 – month access to our software. Most of our students take the actual DAT within 3 weeks of completing our course.

About iPrepDental's DAT Course

Flexible Payment Plan


  • $500 initial deposit
  • 50% of remaining balance is due within 30 days of deposit payment
  • The final balance is due within 60 days of deposit payment
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iPrepDental’s DAT Prep Program is not just another DAT review course. We do not assume that you remember anything from your undergraduate courses, so we teach you everything from the very basic. Our program is precisely developed to not only teach our students all the information they need to answer each DAT question, yet equip them with methods and strategies to answer the questions FAST and EFFECTIVELY. Join the thousands who have scored over 20 with the help of iPrepDental.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course offers a discussion board where TA’s and expert instructors will provide you with detailed answers to all of your questions. Once you register, you will also be part of a group chat with all the students that started the course during the same month you began.

As part of the course, our students have a structured, rigorous daily schedule (7 days a week) that teaches them every possible concept on the DAT, from the very basic to the hardest concepts asked on the DAT. In addition, our students are introduced to hundreds of practice questions and winning strategies that teaches them how to answer the DAT questions quick and effectively.

To complete all daily assignments, our students will study, on average, about 6 to 10 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, we highly recommend you sign up for the course when you fully have the time to commit to our rigorous course.

Each year the ADEA AADSAS application opens in June and therefore, taking the DAT prior to that, is highly recommended. In reality, the majority of students take the DAT in the summer when they can devote 100% of their time to studying for the DAT.

After you pay your deposit, the remaining balance can be paid online using any credit card, as many times you would like, as long as you pay in full within 60 days from the day you registered. You will, however, receive 3-month access to the software.

We do understand that due to special circumstances, some students may fall behind in the course schedule. Within 30 days of the course completion, we allow students to extend their access by one, two, or three months for a small additional fee.

We do not guarantee a specific score on the DAT because we understand that although we provide the best resources for students to get over 20 on the DAT, not every student takes advantage of all the resources we offer. However, we do take pride that over 90% of our students score higher than a 20 on the DAT.

Yes. If a student is qualified to receive an additional testing time, our software can be adjusted to accommodate those needs.

Our DAT course is structured as an 8 – week course, however, since all the resources are online, a student can choose to move quicker through the schedule and complete the course in a faster manner to accommodate time constrains that he/ she may have.

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